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New staff are joining companies every day which means they need to be inducted and educated about the site. 

"What to do if there's an emergency?"

"How fast can you drive in the car park?"

"Who do you call if there's an incident?"

So make life easy for both yourself and them by showing a video where they SEE everything they need to know.


Induction/OHS/Emergency Video Production Packages

starting at: $2,300 (GST N/A)​ 


- Pre production/consultations with the client

- 1 x day filming

- All post production services: editing, sound mixing, music, colour grading

- Ongoing client reviews and final project delivery

Here's why LCA is good for you...

We will visit you at your premises

We will go through the details of the production so everyone is on the same page

Writing, Producing and Directing the video 

We make the production an easy and enjoyable experience for staff and yourself, after all making videos SHOULD be fun 

Ongoing communication

To ensure the production is on the right track, we can organise an onsite screening with you at your site for review/feedback purposes by staff and yourself

Final project delivery

This will be either an MP4 or MOV file. Note DVD is available upon request and may result in an additional charge

The raw video footage is returned to you

Free of charge - hey you paid for it so as far as we're concerned it's yours!

LCA can also store/archive the footage if requested  (note: this may result in an additional charge)


VIDEO PRODUCTION WORKFLOW - the A to Z of how everything works

*  Applies to existing edit only,  filming of new material will incur additional charges