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LCA Productions are specialists in the following areas of video production for companies and businesses

  • Training videos

In business today there's always a requirement to learn something new. If it's not a new application then it's a new process. So forget the handouts no one reads and the training sessions no one attends. Create a video, send it to your staff and let them learn everything as it happens on the screen. 

  • Induction, OH&S and Emergency procedure videos

New staff are joining companies every day which means at some point they need to be inducted and educated about the site: "What to do if there's an emergency?" "How fast can you drive in the car park?" "Where are the bathrooms?" So why not make life easy for both yourself and them by showing a video where they SEE everything they need to know. 

  • internal Promotional videos

So you've got a brand new product and it's a game changer for your business. The only trouble is your staff have no idea what it looks like! So, follow the lead of a TV commercial by creating a video for internal use only and sell it to them that way. Remember, "dazzle 'em with brilliance".

  • Product/business commercials

Need to sell a product or service? Well you can't go past a commercial, especially if it's going to be embedded on your website for everyone to see. The great thing about commercial videos is they don't need to be huge and expensive, just done with care, thought and a little bit of passion.  

  • Editing corporate footage you've filmed yourself * 

It's a common problem. you've shot some footage on the Corporate Affairs camera or your iPhone, but you have no idea how to edit it. Worse still, even if you could edit it yourself you don't have the time (after all it's not exactly in your job description). Worry no more because we can do it for you. 

We can also cater for the following areas

  • Music video

For years now music videos have become virtually more popular than the music itself. Now we can't claim to have the skills to make a video worthy of winning an MTV award, but if you need a cost effective video made with a degree of skill and commitment , then maybe we can help. After all, we did make a music video for the hearing impaired which is somewhat unique.   

  • Film and movie production

It's the pinnacle of every video maker's dream, movie making! LCA cut its teeth in this arena making numerous short films spanning many years (back when we were called DMFilms) along with working on some internationally released feature films. So if you have a film production in the works and need some assistance then let us know as our knowledge spans far and wide.   ​​

*  LCA will make every effort to work with the footage supplied, but we cannot be responsible if the final video is deemed unsatisfactory due to poor source material